85 series.Leyland DAF

85 series.

A.Opening the grille by means of two catches ,( as per arrows),this is lifted and held in position by a gas strut.
B.Checking oil level whilst on level ground,take out the dipstick (1),clean with a non-fluffy cloth.Replace dipstick . Withdraw dipstick and check oil level, it should always be between the two marks.
C.If necessary top up through the filler opening (2).NEVER OVERFILL WITH OIL!.
D.Coolant level.When coolant is hot,the pressure in the cooling system is higher than atmospheric.
The filler cap should in that case be removed with caution.
First place a cloth over the filler cap and open the cap as far as the stop to allow the overpressure to escape.
The filler cap can then be fully unscrewed.
To prevent damage to the cylinder block,topping-up with cold coolant when the engine is hot must be done slowly and with the engine running.
To top up.
(a),Move rotary switch for the cab heater to"hot".
(b),Remove blue coolant cap (3)
(c),Run engine for a few minutes.
(d),Switch off engine and check coolant level.
(e),It should be half-way up the filler neck.
E.Checking the windscreen wiper fluid level.
(a) Remove filler cap (4) from windscreen wash reservoir.
(b)Check / correct the fluid level by the filler opening.


75 series Leyland DAF

A.Grille catches.
B.Oil filler.
C.Coolant filler.
E.Windscreen washer reservoir.


 55 series Leyland DAF.

55 series .

Oil filler and dipstick behind passenger side of cab (UK).
Coolant just above oil filler cap.
Windscreen wash under front grille.


45 series Leyland DAF.


Grille catch as photo.

Oil filler, dipstick and coolant reservoir behind cab passanger side.


Windscreen wash under front grille (top left hand side).


Constructor 24.15 / 24.18 / 24.21 .Leyland.



Leyland. Constructor.

Engine oil.
Check the engine oil using the dipstick .
If necessary , remove the oil filler cap and add clean engine oil of the correct specification until the oil level registers on the "FULL" mark on the dipstick.
Cooling system .
Remove filler cap (the one on the side ) and check that the coolant is visible just below the filler neck .
If necessary , top up with a water / anti-freeze solution.
Windscreen wash reservoir.
Open the cab front access panel (pull knob on side of dash board visible when drivers door is open ), and check the reservoir fluid level.
If necessary , remove the filler cap and fill with a solution of clean water containing a screen wash.

Leyland Lightweight Freighter.

Oil and water can be found behind the cab on the passenger side .
Windscreen wash as per CONSTRUCTOR above.

Series 70 , 80.

Coolant located behind cab.

Dipstick and oil  filler lift up front  grille.

Windscreen wash under front grille.


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