Cargo / super cargo.

Euro Cargo 6-10T




To open front grille, open drivers door UK models, pull the handle located next to the step.
Ensure the windscreen wipers are off.

The coolant reservoir is located to the top right,
Coolant should be between the MIN and MAX marks.

The windscreen washer bottle is to the top left.

To check the oil.
This is done via the buttons on the steering wheel (the one with the pages logo)
whilst the ignition is on , but not running.
The truck should not of been running for 30+ minutes.
There is a dipstick in case of problems, but to use this you need to raise the cab.

According to several drivers , as soon as the oil gets halfway between "min & max" , the oil light will come on.So the warning light can be ignored , PROVIDING YOU HAVE PHYSICALLY CHECKED WITH A DIPSTICK.( BUT KEEP AN EYE ON THE OIL PRESSURE WHILST YOU ARE DRIVING ). AND MAKE SURE YOUR FITTER CHECKS IT OVER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Phantom faults , a good way of telling if a warning light is genuine , is to turn whatever is being warned about ,ON and OFF two or three times,- there is a chance the warning light will go out .BUT ALWAY PHYSICALLY CHECK TO SEE IF FAULT IS GENUINE.The info above is from other drivers and not IVECO if in doubt contact you fitter , or IVECO .



Grille catches .

A . Dipstick .
B . Windscreen wash reservoir .
C . Oil fill .
D . Coolant reservoir .

Euro Cargo 6-10T

To open front grille .
Just pull to raise.

Coolant ,the tank is located under the front grille.

Windscreen / headlight washer reservoir.
This is located behind the front  grille.

Checking of oil is done by means of  the signal on the instrument cluster.
The engine must have been stopped for at least 30 minutes to get a true reading.
In case of system failure,tilt cab and check by means of the dipstick.


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