A word of warning:

Most projects start as an innocent bit of family history research.

And can end up in all sorts of interesting places.


Will hopefuly get you interested in your families history and aid you in your research.

Ask your family.

Who where my relatives?

What did they do?

Do we have any photographs? 

Arthur Cyril Hemsley 10/10/1891-27/11/1971

I was fortunate my family had many photos, some with inscriptions on the back.

When you take your own photos, please write on the back of them. Make sure you name all of the people in the photograph, where it was taken and the date.

This will make identification at a later date easier.

Most people will start with the main genealogy sites.

 They offer a trial period before they charge, so are worth a look.

If geneology is not for you, remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period finishes.